War of the Roses

This is a picture of the War of the Roses in action.

What is that?

The War of the Roses is a war that was fighting for the throne of the country. This means that the people fighting were fighting for the place of the king. They were fought by many branches, and people fought for the side they wanted.

It All Began...

The War of the Roses began when Richard Duke of York challenged the current king. his obviously did not go well considering it all fell into war. The two houses both thought that the previous king was either good, or bad. The house of Lanchaster thought that the king was not right for the throne. There was a war. The battle had lasted for a while.

This is another photo of the two houses in battle.

Why Roses?

You might be thinking, Why roses? Well, each house represented a rose. The house of York used a white rose. The house of Lanchester had used a red rose. This made it easier to identify. Therefore, the battle had been called the War of the Roses.

Fun Facts

1.) The war started on May 22, 1455.

2.) The war end in the field of  Bosworth in 1485.

3.) The house of Lancaster won the war.

4.) This battle was actually called the battle of Bosworth.

5.) This war lasted about thirty years.

6.) After the defeat, Henry Tudor became king.

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