"Remember who you are."

The Lion King

I believe

I believe in the Lord God almighty,

the power of friendship,

the power of music,

the sadness in a broken family,

the hope we have,


I do not believe in self righteousness.

I believe in books,

I believe in salvation,

I believe in loneliness,

carelessness, stealing, cheating,

And I believe in the power of Disney.

My Personal Credo

My personal credo is from the Lion King by Walt Disney. The phrase is “Remember who you are”. I heard this phrase when I was small. Ever since I was little I liked escaping reality. It would only take a split second for me to look out the window and be in a totally different world. I suppose you could say that my brain was 80% fantasy and 20% reality. Except thats not true. I didn’t escape reality, I just created my own. The Lion King has always been my favorite Disney movie. When I first watched this movie I was only two so I didn’t really know what was going on and I couldn’t remember watching it. The only part I really understood was when Mufasa appeared to Simba and told him to return home, but he also told him to remember who he was. So when I got older I understood these words and have lived by them ever since.

Society today try’s to reshape you to look and act the way others want you to.

Just about everyone on this planet wants to change everything about them to fit in. Not me. I have lived up to the words remember who you are. These words have kept me on the right track and not to lose myself. This is so important to me because I held onto this phrase while my parents were going through a divorce. It gave me some courage and showed me that I would always be their daughter even if they didn’t live together.

This event is actually what sparked me to believe in the phrase and for me to live by it. I believe that as time goes on it will change, but I don’t think it will change completely.

I can see it changing now but its still in a sense its the same thing I have always followed. Probably the only thing that will change the words I live by would probably be when I get into college or a little later on in life at a job of some sort.

This credo is very important to me because it helped me stick with who I am and not conform to the world. If I could change peoples mind about sticking with just being themselves and remember who they wee before the worlds changed them. I have changed some other peoples point of view about themselves, but it’s sad that I cant change everyone else's mind.

By Molly Higgins

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