Marco Polo

By Ainslee Grizzle


Map of Marco Polo's Voyage

Journal entry #1


It's been 60 days since we left Italy. After all the time it took to collect the items we need, we finally get to go on this journey that I've been waiting to go on for so long. My uncle and father have just decided that I am the right age for travelling. They tell me that Asia is amazing and Cathay is worth the long journey to get there. They've been there before. I was 6 years old when they left, and returned when I was 15. Nothing big has gone wrong so far. Only a few sicknesses and storms. that have quickly passed. Let's just hope that it will stay this way.

Journal entry #2


We are suffering. This seems to become more difficult as we go on. More challenges and hardships to face and it feels unbearable. we barely make it through each one and we recover poorly after every one. We keep running into wild animals and bandits who steal our food and other supplies we need for survival. If we don't have a water source we will quickly die of thirst. So many times we've had to stop for diseases and slow down in the rugged terrain or rough seas and it just adds on to the time it will take for us to get to China. It makes me wonder if we'll ever get there at all.

Journal entry #3


We made it! After three long and miserable years we are finally here. Kublai Khan, the emperor welcomes us gladly. We've been given many treasures. They give us wonderful gems like jade and rubies and knowledge of paper money and coal. They also give us valuable products like silk and gunpowder. I have begun to learn Chinese and plan on soon speaking it fluently. I have already made a few maps as I learn more of the beautiful geography of China. I hope to bring back this knowledge to Italy and the rest of Europe and spread it in books and stories there, but we do not plan on going home for a very long time.


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