Roman army

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Roman fighting techniques and wepons

Roman weapons, the romans had a small sword called gladius it was good for short range combat but the romans had sheilds from head to toe. So the enemy couldn't kill them with their long swords, the romans would go in close and stab them then pull it out quickly. They had spears with a wooden handle and a barb at the end so the enemy couldn't pull it out. The romans had soft metal at the end of their spears so when it hits the ground it will bend so the enemy wouldn't pick it up and throw it back.

Roman army, centurions train soldiers but auxiliaries were soldiers who got conquered by the Romans they didn't get trained as hard as the others. Legion, to be a legion you have to be physically fit and 1.6m. Roman soldiers were trained with swords and shields twice as heavy than the real thing. They have to stay in the army for 25 years, the legions have three 30km marches every month with 25 kilo of equipment.

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