Tools for Curating  when using
Flipped Strategies

Considering 4 Web 2.0 tools to organize content

In my circle, there has been a lot of discussion recently about screencasting tools for capturing lectures, adding annotation and capturing screens to support the flipped classroom. Technology also affords other avenues of compiling material from different sources into one format for easy viewing and instruction- enter Web 2.0 tools (scroll down the page to see 4 examples).

These curating tools not only aid the instructor in organizing content from multiple sources but they also improve the viewing experience. No longer are learners resigned to follow a list of individual links without any context.

These tools are also serving as conduits to transform the learning experience if used for "mashup" assignments when higher learning outcomes such as analysis, evaluation and creating are the goals.  

As I reflect on these tools, they seem to pass the IDC test shown below and meet the transforming redefinition stage within the SAMR model of technology integration.

To boot- these tools are free! You will need an account that requires at the least, creating a username and password. Some allow easy sign-in with other social media tools or a Google account. And certainly upgrades are often available for additional fees!

However, there is a downside to these tools- when you create an account you need to accept the terms of service and privacy settings. Read the terms carefully- note that in the vast majority of cases, the site owns the rights to re-use all of your content. This may be a deal breaker in some situations. Consider what content you are creating before you get started. If you want to retain your intellectual property in the case of original ideas, consider the tried and true method of tools such as PowerPoint or Keynote where you can limit access.

Consider Tackk

Tackk is a publication tool that allows content to be added and displayed in a scrolling list. Several starting formats are available to edit from event advertisements and a blog tool to an assignment feature which allows students to create content. You are viewing content through Tackk now.

Consider Themeefy

Themeefy is a tool that displays content in the format of a digital magazine. Multimedia items are added in "themes" which are then published as one unit. The "theme" can then be shared globally on the Themeefy site or shared privately. There is also a library for researching content and viewing others' themes which is very helpful when curating.

Consider LessonPaths

LessonPaths is a tool that compiles different types of multimedia into an organized reel of content- like a digital book. The viewer scrolls through the content by using the Next button or by selecting a specific item from the left sidebar.

Consider Blendspace

Blendspace displays the content in a palette of squares from which the viewer selects. In edit mode, there is a search field on the right side of the page that allows immediate drag and drop capability- including whiteboard app sites such as educreations.

Notice that you can easily contribute to this tackk below.

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