Are you thankful for the investments you have made in yourself?

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

As we prepare to sit down today to appreciate our family and friends, think about yourselves for a moment. Are you investing enough in yourself? We take pride in pouring time and effort into our families, jobs and friends. How much time are we investing in ourselves? Are you making the development and evolution of your own mind and thinking a priority on a daily basis? One way to accomplish this is through self education. Many of us have never picked up a non-fiction book without being told to by a teacher or boss. Why not? We know that these books contain lessons and concepts that others have spent years building. We have the ability to spend a few hours or days to absorb this knowledge. These ideas and perspectives cannot be purchased or inherited. They can only be extracted from these books through an investment of time. An investment of time in yourself. Some day you will arrive at an interview or opportunity and you will stare across into the eyes of your competition. Who invested more in themselves, you or them?

"Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune."

-Jim Rohn

Here are some great books that are worth your time on specific subjects.


Outliers - Malcom Gladwell

Hands down, the most important book I have come across in the past 10 years. Gladwell unlocks the secret of success in a manner that is easily digestible.


Getting to Yes - by Roger Fisher, Bruce Patton

We all have to use negotiation in all aspects of our lives. Fisher and Patton unlock some proven techniques to negotiate agreements that work for both parties.

Task Management

Getting Things Done - David Allen

This book demystifies the process of managing the torrent of information that we face on a daily basis. This book helped me to embrace new ideas instead of being afraid of the work they represented.

Soft Skills

Executive Charisma - D.A Benton

As we grow and progress through our careers, we cannot tow along all the same habits and behaviors. This book can act as a reason to inventory our current behaviors and habits.


Just Listen - Mark Goulston, Keith Ferrazzi

Your communication skills, or lack there of, can make you rich or get you in a fight. This book highlights some techniques for getting more out of your conversations.

Mike Morgan is the Vice President of Operations for Pizza Guys Franchises, Inc. He is also a territory developer who owns several restaurants in California and Oregon. He holds a BS in Marketing from the University of Phoenix and an MBA from CSU Sacramento.

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