Opening Up on Master Plans

It's easy in life to not speak up. To stand in the background and avoid the confrontation or simple conversations that stand in front of you. Often times it's the thought of expending energy that holds us back from sharing our thoughts and ideas. Other times it can be a fear of failure or anxiety that becomes a stop sign. The only problem with standing around is missing out on opportunities and experience.

Enough is enough.

First off, I want to thank all of my fans who have followed me and have been part of my journey through life via Tackk. Over the next several weeks and months I hope to establish a structured unveiling of all my art work. This process will take place on several platforms including Tackk!

If you like my art work and/or are interested in seeing what's in store then follow my Instagram @thegalleryofjohnfoolery to stay up to date.

There is a great journey ahead and I want you all to be along for the ride.