Clawson Classroom News 2-2-15

This week

We are finishing up our unit on questioning and moving into the main idea.  Students have been working hard to think of questions as the read and come up with answers as they go along.  In writing we have been working on How-To stories.  Students just finished making a recipe book and are moving on to Expert stories.  During phonics we are working on the "igh" sound.  In math we are learning about the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Technology News

We have been learning how to use a few new apps the past few weeks.  One of them is a comic creator, which students are using to showcase their questions and answers.  Another app is Tackk, which is what this newsletter is created through.  Students will be able to publish their writing using Tackk.  Please make sure your child charges their Nexus each night and that it comes to school every day.

Specials:  Tuesday-Music Wednesday-PE Thursday-Art Friday-Library

Sightwords:  We have finished looking at the sight words for quarter 3 and will be taking a test over all 20 words on Friday.


Student-led conferences are next week.  Make sure you have signed up for a time.  Students will be running these conferences.