Greatness can be achieved by anyone by the poor, the rich, the weak, the strong, the young, and the old it doesn't matter. As long as you want to succeed and you want to make your dream your reality.

No one has ever achieved something without having to do anything that isn't achieving anything and that's not how you achieve greatness. You achieve greatness from hard work and determination and through the things you have accomplished. Nothing comes easy and if it does it wont be something to take pride in.

It is obvious now that it has been like this throughout many years someone else always belittle 's other people and always exacerbate everyone they hassle just for a laugh and to feel greater . It has gotten worse multiple groups of people still continue to torment others but then again i doubt any of there greatness will last as long as the ones who truly achieved greatness instead of smearing greatness with conflict,hate and laughter.

I have and still do have hate and  a lot of it and it can take over someone or it can be covered up with love like darkness can with light. Never doubt yourself or others due to the limited thinking of others no one has to be like that you can be anything and achieve anything as long as you stride for it.

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