Keep Calm and Stay Safe Online

Be Smart and Stay Safe

  1. I need to only tell my parents my passwords, not anyone else.
  2. I will always be a good internet citizen and never do anything to hurt someone, or disobey the law.
  3. I will not meet anyone face to face without my parents with me.
  4. Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.
  5. Don’t download anything without parents’ permission.
  6. I need to guard my privacy.
  7. I need to apply to the Golden rule.
  8. I need to be smart and safe online.
  9. I need to choose wisely.
  10. Don’t hide.

I think these internet safety rules are important because you could run into some scary things if we didn't have safety rules for the internet. One example is you could get kidnapped ( or worse ) if you gave out personal info.  Another example is you could get hacked or all of your money stolen. One good rule is don't hide from the real world.  Rules are there for a reason. You may not like them, but they keep you safe. Especially rules for the internet. Just remember, rules keep you safe and out of trouble. :)

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