He was born on July 2,1908 in Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from Lincoln University in 1930. Receives law degree from Howard university .With Charles Houston is first major case Murray v. Pearson.He became a NAACP special assistant .

He became the first US to the supreme court.    He won 29 out of 32 cases that he argued. He was one of of the country 's top lawyers in the 1940's and 1950's.He had is most famous court called Brown vs.board of education.He built a structure of rights that made it for all Americans. President named him judge of a federal appeals.

The NAACP gave him a medal called the Spingarn  Award for his service.He was a smart man because he was the first black do  be a judge.He was also a persuasive person because he won most of his cases. He is very encouraging to people how he stood up and fought the way he did.

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