Secret Service Project

                                              By: Hayden Welborn

          Helping people is the right thing to do. You could cheer them up or make them have a great day. It is a positive thing to do.
        The secret service project is 7 days you are required to perform random acts of kindness, but you must do it without the recipient knowing they are being served. First you pick your targets ( those who will be served) then decide on a kind deed or act to perform for them.                                                                                                                                I smiled at 3 random people, made a plate of treats for Someone and place on there door and ran, helped a neighbor with there yard, prepared and cooked a meal for my family, cleaned my room without being asked, wrote a letter to a special elementary teacher, and spoke kindly all day. It impact lots of people. For example my neighbors, my family, and Mrs. Nickels.                                                                                                                                   It impacted me by making me feel good about making others feel good. It also made me feel me feel special to help people have a good day.                                                             I think the secret service project is a great experience. It is a once in a lifetime thing to some people who don’t get treated nice. It is a wonderful project. I hope we could do more project like this one

20 Things We Should Say More Often

This video has a few things I said to the people I did good things too.

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