The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian
Jeva Shalenberger

March 24, 2015
Memory Moment

When I read the beginning of my book, I saw a flashback of Oscar. Oscar was the main characters dog who got sick and started to have seizures. The main character's family is too poor to take Oscar to the vets. I thought that was depressing but then it got even more depressing. When the main character's dad got home, he toke Oscar to the backyard under the apple tree and put Oscar down. After that I heard something that I realize is true but is very sad to hear. "A bullet only costs about two cents, and anybody could aford that." That phrase hit me hard and I almost cried. Poor Junior (the main character). Poor Oscar but as long as he ain't suffering

March 25, 2015
Aha Moment

I read last night and become torn between aha moment and again and again, but I think the best is the aha moment when Junior and Rowdy (his best friend and only friend) go to high school. They were on the basketball team and want to try out for the high school one but Junior is afraid that he won't be good enough. He is scared that Rowdy will leave him and start to hang out with the popular kids. He is scared that Rowdy will pick on him. He realizes just how scared he is and it starts to change the way Junior acts. He tries to get better and stronger for Rowdy. Well, okay. Not FOR Rowdy, but so he won't lose Rowdy.

March 26, 2015
Again and Again

So it seems that my reading last night clarified a good again and again. In the beginning, we see how Junior said that his parents at dreams once but never came true. I think that it is sad that these dreams weren't able to come true. Later on, Mr. P comes and talks to Junior about how his sister had a dream. She held on to it for years but then she let go. I'm confused on why she let go. Is it because her family is too poor for that dream to come true? Or when she finally had the courage to show people, they made fun of her or even bullied her? Or was it that she just realized that it was nothing more than a dream? I keep wondering and wondering and mauling over these questions but can't find the answer. I wonder what happened to Mary to change her from a novelist to a basement mole rat. What changed her from Mary to Mary Runs Away? What made his parents give up their dreams?

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