Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

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This picture demonstrates balanced forces. It shows that the table has the same amount of force on the book that the book has on it.

This is my project for Science.


Pic 1 (table and book): KS3 Bitesize. "Balanced Forces." BBC News. BBC, n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2014.

Pic 2 (girl against wall):

"Balanced Forces." Balanced Forces. Scottish Sensory Centre, 1 Sept. 2012. Web. 18 Nov. 2014.

This however, shows unbalanced force as there is more force on the left side and is heading in the direction of the opposite team.
This shows a balanced force because they have the same amount of force, for example, these are 7 newtons. Therefore, it is not moving.
This is a perfect example of unbalanced force, as it balances on an axis, and one side is unweighed, and the other has a weight on it.
This shows balanced force, as the forces are equal because of the girl and the wall using the same amount of force.
On this see-saw, there is a rock that takes 50n of force, while there is a pebble that takes only 1n to move. Force is greater on the 50n.

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