a mix of strength and endurance

We all have goals. Get stronger. Lose fat. Run a race. Get a starting spot. They all have one thing in common in order to get them accomplished. WORK. Put the work, time and drive into your goal and the end result will be success.

Here is the work our Sculpt crew put in today.

warm up :

2x OH lunge x10/2x air squat x 10/2x goblet squat x 10


2 DB single arm press(holding 2nd db in other hand) 30sec press/ 30sec "rest" each arm (rest is holding in OH position) x 2 rounds


Then :

10x pull up

10x dip

10x push up

10 sets(60 sec rest between)


Max rep effort @ 2 dbs

#25 dbs/#35 dbs/ #45 dbs

** max reps at each wt. only rest is how long it takes you to switch dbs.

3 sets(FULL rest after each set)