Organ Transplantations

Should the sale of human organs be allowed?

Have you, or one of your family members ever been close to death due to the lack of having an organ to transplant? If so, then you must know how hard it is to receive an organ. First, you have to go through the approval process, and then you are put on an extremely long waiting list. The cause of the long waiting list is the fact that there are a scarce amount of people out there willing to donate their organ. This is where many of us question whether or not the selling of organs should be legalized.

If you aren't aware of what is going on in the world concerning organ transplant statistics, then might as well start familiarizing yourself with a few. Jennifer Monti stated, "Over 100,000 Americans have kidney or liver disease and need an organ transplant to survive." This is a vast amount of the American population! Compare the number of people in need of a donation to the people who actually donate. Not many right? Jennifer Monti also stated, "Live organ donations produce better results, including fewer complications and higher life expectancy."  This quote makes it clear that for every person in need of an organ, there should be at least one person donating an organ in order to keep humans healthy.

Shetty Pryia stated, " As the crisis in the supply of organs worsens, some transplant surgeons are calling for a radical effort to increase donations by offering substantial financial rewards in exchange for organs." What Pryia is trying to say is that an excellent way to attract people towards donating an organ is to offer incentives. Doctors are actually trying to do their best to save the lives of all the patients who are on the borderline of death by offering incentives to donors, and in exchange be able to recruit a few more. A few of the incentives include money which is something that many people will enjoy. As you can see, this isn't really affecting anyone, on the other hand it is going to help all the patients on waiting list for organ donations. Just like there are many good things to any idea, there will always be bad ones. Shetty Pryia also stated, [Extremely poor people would not be ideal donors in any case because "low socioeconomic status" around the world is an independent risk factor for kidney disease.] Even though many people can benefit from the incentives offered to gain more donors, the donee's need to be careful where they receive their donation because they don't want to suffer more than they already have, especially concerning their health.

So, the selling of organs has both pros and cons, but we need to face our final decision. Should the selling of human organs be legalized? In my opinion, it should because there are many pros for everyone. The donors receive money, while the donees are able to get their long waited organ.

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2 years ago

interesting topic, i think they should offer cash to those who live donate!

2 years ago

I agree as well, Mr.Trevizo