Using Tackk in Media & Visual Arts

How could you use this tool in your classroom?

Tackk is a Digital tool you can use with your students in ELA and more. While primarily a text editor, you can also add a photo, video, audio, maps and more. Think of it as a Digital Postcard customizable in hundreds of ways. Color, font, style, and media are just the tip of the iceberg. Here is an example of a few other things you could add:

We could take a picture, create a picture or search for a picture, writing about it here:

We could write a story or description of this video:

Or record our own audio file, describing or analyzing it here

The best part of Tackk is its integration in the Google Apps suite. If your students are signed in to Google Drive (or on a Chromebook), clicking on the Tackk web app signs them into their own account automatically. If you choose to email the Tackk, it is one click away. If you choose to print, Tackk automatically adds a QR code to the top of the document to scan, so your digital media is always accessible.

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