mLearning Apps for an Awesome Classroom!

Apps so tasty you'll put on weight after using them

Journal Jar

I think this could be a very effective reward for some students. If they meet some agreed upon goal, then I would let them write a response to the first suggestion their app gives them, and hand it in for extra marks. For students less excited about writing, this will be a good exercise in writing. It has fun and easy writing topics such as, "if you could bring any inanimate object to life, which would it be and why?"

Sock Puppets

Sock puppets is an app that allows students to create puppet shows with various backgrounds and types of sock puppets. When the students record their voices the puppets will move their lips with the sound. This could make for a very fun chapter summary for a book being read in class. Students who would not be comfortable presenting in person will feel more comfortable with this pre-recorded format. Students can be creative, use different voices, and even work with a partner to record different parts of the conversation to re-enact a scene from the book in a humorous way, or review the contents of a chapter.


Audioboo allows students to produce podcasts, and put them online for others to listen to. I would like to get the opportunity to augment a student newspaper with the use of a podcast portion. Students could create a podcast of the school's news, and practice their verbal skills, as well as build their confidence expressing themselves.


Fotobabble allows students to create commentaries on pictures. This could be a fun way to have students explore science curriculum. They could be asked to take their phones around the neighborhood, and take 1 picture of a deciduous tree, and one picture of a coniferous tree, and explain with their voice-over the definition of coniferous and deciduous. It would force students to experience the curriculum.

Choose Your Path Free

Choose your path is a fun story. It could be used for young kids who do not have a high reading level or attention span. It contains multiple endings, and will make reading seem much more fun. The easily digestible snippets of dialogue makes it very readable. This could be a very good reward for students, however advanced readers may bore with it quickly.

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