Brighton Beach Memoirs

The Great Depression

The Great Depression (also known in the U.K. as the Great Slump) was a dramatic, worldwide economic downturn beginning in some countries as early as 1928 to 1942. The Great Depression was a time when the economy in the United States and throughout the world was extremely bad. It began with the Wall Street cash of 1929. The prices on the Wall Street stock market fell a lot from October 24 to October 29, 1929. The workers lost their jobs and couldn't afford anything or even to support themselves. It caused world war 2.

Colleges in the 1930's

1. New York University (NYU)

The tuition in the 1930's for NYU was up $500. The rooms were up to $690 and books costed only $50. The differences between college back then and now is that the price went up tremendously! Almost up to $4000 now or even more. The mascot for New York University is a bobcat.

  1. 2. In the 1930's a gallon of gas cost only 10 cents, which is freaking cheap! Imagine ! Compare that to now.. now a days it costs up $3! Back then a burger cost 17 cents! Apples (per lb) $.03, Bacon (per lb) $.22, Bananas (per lb.) $.15, Beef, Rib Roast (per lb) $.22, Beef, Round steak (per lb) $.26, Beef, Sirloin steak (per lb) $.29, Bread (20 oz loaf) $.05, Butter (per lb) $.28, Cheese (per lb) $.24, Chicken (per lb) $.22, Coffee (per lb) $.26, Cornflakes (8oz package) $.08, Eggs (per dozen) $.29, Ham (per lb) $.31, Hamburger (per lb) $.10,Hershey chocolate bar $.04 , The average cost of a car cost $600.

Stans apology letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim,

I am truly sorry for what I have done. I understand it was a horrible thing to do. I understand why you fired me. It was wrong, I know. My parents always told me stand up for myself and other people who are being brought down and that is what was happening to my co-worker. He was being brought down.

I know I shouldn't have budded in or anything. But I just had to stand up for him. I can't stand seeing other people hurt, but if anything I would rather have my job than to be doing any physical or mental harm towards you. You don't know how guilty I felt afterwards. After sticking up for something I felt like I hurt you. And i never want to feel like that again! Please accept my apology.

Please give me another chance. That is one of my biggest regrets in life. I don't know how I will even forgive myself from doing something so stupid, especially to my boss, you! I really need this job, trust me this job will always be my number 1 priority no matter what! I will never do something so stupid and I promise that on my family. Please please please give me this job back! It is the only thing I need and wish for. It would truly mean the world to me. You don't understand how much this would help me get back on track with my life if I got it back, and if i don't get it back please think about it again. I am sorry, thank you for reading.

Sincerely, Stan.

Broadway Show
(Grease ! )

Grease was first on Broadway in 1972. It closed in 1980, but they had 3388 performances. This is a show for people who lived through the ‘50s and would now like to remember it only for its high school fashions, teenage emotional concerns, and bouncy rock & roll tunes. The musical opened in 1971 at a Chicago theater as an experiment. As the show grew in popularity, it was moved to the Eden Theater in New York City in 1972 before it was moved to a Broadway stage.

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