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Melissa Doles


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The website is free to use. If you would like you can purchase a paid version from the website. If you want to purchase things from the website then you have to use tookens to purchase the items that you need.

Platforms: Toondoo can be used on Iphone, Ipad, Android system, and through its website.

This website is a great tool for teachers to use creativity in their lesson. Many times teachers struggle to reach their students and keep the lesson from becoming boring. The first thing that I noticed was the great graphics that can be used to create the comic strip. It is a fairly easy site to use. I was able to start creating my comics within minutes. I created a comic on figurative language. This site allow you to use pictures to help demonstrate the concept you are trying to teach. The comic strip can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. I really like how the site gave you the opportunity to create an entire comic book. This would allow the teacher to create a comic book for the entire unit and not just individual lessons. This site is also very good for teachers and students because of the ability to share the cartoons over the internet. Teachers can use the site to give assignments and have them share with each other and comment on the different cartoons that were created by the individual students. I would use this site in my classroom and would highly recommend it to my peers to use in their classroom.

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1. I believe that I could use this site to improve the educational experience of vocabulary. The students would be able to get creative in creating their definitions of the words assigned.
2. I believe that as my example shows that the student would be able to create an assignment that they could show their overall understanding of the topic that has been taught in class during the lesson or unit.
3. I also believe that students could use this site to do a summary of a story that they have read in class. This would allow them to use the comics to help visualize what is going on in the book.


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