The History And Evolution Of
                     Video Games
                       By: Raza K.  

Did you know video games date all the way back to the '50's? Well, video games were thought about in the '50's,but were official in the '70's.The first ever video games ever made were "Pong," "SpaceWar!" and "Tennis For Two". These quickly became popular. "Tennis for Two" was a 2D tennis simulator. "SpaceWar!" was a space-based shooter game.

Tennis For Two: The first version.

Then there's Atari. Atari was invented by Nolan Bushnell, who many consider "The Father Of Video Games". Atari was very popular at the time it was made. Atari consoles are still sold today, with built in video games such as Pong, SpaceWars! and many other classics.If you were to walk in to a store and ask for an Atari, you would get one for a cheap, cheap 20 dollars. That is because it is a console sold in the '70's, with games most would find boring.

The First Atari.
Nolan Bushnell, the "Father of Video Games".

Video Games have evolved from poor graphics to ultra real graphics. Video games graphics vary on the graphic card.

Here is a difference in graphics. Look at the pictures below.

Seen here is Pong, one of the first few games invented.
Seen here is Minecraft, a game where you can build, fight, explore, and build things. Rated Everyone, meaning anyone can play it.

Video Games originally used to be a heap of wires and boxes connected to a small console. But now handheld games were invented and mostly everything has become wireless. When computers were invented, the inventors had an idea to put some video games in the system. This is how PC gaming was invented. Console gaming evolved from Atari, and Gameboy games were invented in 2004! Video games have evolved a lot. The timeline below tells about the evolution of games.

An example of the first type of games. The wires are connected to a buch of boxes connected to the thing on top.

Video Game Timeline

1950. Early Ideas of Video Games.

1960. Introduced to the public.

1970. First ever video games made. Atari was invented.

1980. Pac-Man was invented.

1990. Video games become handheld, such as Game Boys. Mario invented.

2000's. Video Games Evolve to Games such as Minecraft, and many other modern games. Alienware is founded by Dell to make gaming based consoles and PCs. Xbox and PS invented.

In the future. Possibly Virtual Reality (Already exists, but is poor quality and is exclusive to Japan.)

Video games can be very advanced sometimes. Do you like video games?

Tackk By: Raza K.