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This is a picture of the capital of Colombia.

Basic Facts

Population: 45.7 million

Currency: Peso

Languages: Spanish, Vlax Romani, Islander Creole English

Neighboring countries: Ecuador and Brazil

Capital: Bogotà Colombia

Famous Places

Caño cristales

Caño cristales is a beautiful river that is made up of five colors and is commonly visited in Colombia.

Cabo de la Vela

Cabo de la Vela is an amazing beach area and a small fishing resort. If you are looking for a beautiful beach look no further than here.


This town in Colombia has been preserved to be a colonial style little town.

-"Ella anda muy mosca" means she is grouchy or in a bad mood

-"Torear" means to make someone angry

-"Mono" means blonde

Local Expressions

Food and Drink

Chocolate en el de coco is a delicious drink that is kind of similar to hot chocolate

Chicken in coconut sauce is a tasty dish that is commonly served in Colombia

Climate and Geography

Colombia has coasts on both the Carribian and Pacific ocean. Colombia is also home to the Andes mountains which is the longest mountain range in the world. Because Colombia is by the equator it has no seaons and it is hot and tropical weather through most of the year.

Current Events

The Colombian conflict is a low scale that Colombia has been involved in since 1964. This war is between Colombian government and Revolutionary forces of Colombia. The conflict started in 1948 when a political leader was assinated. Accourding to studies more than 220,000 people have died in the conflict. Most of these people that died are civillians.

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