Learning to Teach
Day 8: Lecture Day

Today's lesson was the first lecture that I was heading for all my classes. This is the first time that I was just truly teaching. This was because I was presenting the information to my students. The reason I did this instead of the stations being first is that me and my host teacher were discussing how the stations went last time, and that I did not really teach the students, also that there was not a time where we came together as a class to go over the information.

The main concern about my lecture that I had as well as my host teacher, is the content. Now, I am not saying I was not prepared at all to talk about the concepts of my class, or else I would not even be teaching in this situation. However, as I was going over my powerpoint that I had made with my host teacher the day before, there were some holes. While I did have the information I wanted my students to know. I did not seem to know enough in depth about some of the topics, or even got some facts wrong.

Something I defiantly will be doing for the future is not just making the questions and just have a basic understanding, I need to fully understand what I am teaching and what I am doing.

The intriguing thing that happened during the lecture was that me and my host teacher co-taught. This was because she did have some stories that I did not know about certain topics that she filled in. She stood at the back of the room and I in the front. While it is not good for the students to be sitting for so long, because they were shifting their focus every so often, it seemed to be enough movement to keep them interested. All classes seemed to be alright with this type of lecture, and they became interested. The way I knew that was that they were asking questions, not just what did I just say, but asking questions such as but what...,if thats true then... and other questions.

However, the lecture took longer than I expected and was going to run over into the next day. I'm not sure if I will be able to get a good amount of work to be done for the future.

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