Best Original Tracks 2014

In no particular order

Klaves - YYY

Klaves bringing back some classic House with the help of a Brandy sample!

Theophilus London - Do Girls

TL's Album is called Vibes, and this track is full of it! Great theme, we do girls!

Majid Jordan

Everybody is talking about ZHU. But dont forget Majid Jordan and their impressive EP, check them out!

Kidkanevil - Inakunaru feat. Phasma

This is my fav track of the year! The production is creative and it really inspired me to produce more.

Oliver - Light Years Away

Remember my list from last year? Yes, Oliver is here again. Top notch production!

Tennyson - With You

Surprise Track of the year! Never heard anything like that, did you? Future Jazz produced by 2 kids from Canada. FML

Eekkoo & Casper Whirlin feat. Sailor & I - Elysium

I cant drive, but if i could this would be my go to track while driving! Big big production, listen to it with ear plugs!

Seekae - Test & Recognise

My fav group of the year! Seekae released an unique album, go listen to it! Test & Recognise has everything I love in it: great drum patterns mixed with amazing Arp work!

Lil Silva - Don't You Love (feat. BANKS)

"DON'T You Looove" - nuff said!

Lido - I Love You

Remember Cashmere Cat? Forget about him, Lido is here and he loves us! Man this guy is the artist of 2014. not.even.trying. (I love you too)

Ten Walls - Walking With Elephants

Another artist crushing genres and my hopes as a producer. Ten Walls is on fire.

123 MRK - Versatile

Speaking of fire, 123MRK is the sparkle that helped me get back on track in 2014! Thank you Mrk!

Branko - Broken

We need more tracks like this instead of EDM!!!

Kito & Reija Lee - Starting Line

This gem finally came out in 2014! Such a cool retro/future vibe! This girls rock!

Bodhi - Satisfaction

Probably my fav club track of the year! What a crowdpleaser!

Röyksopp - Something In My Heart (feat. Jamie Irrepressible)

Röyksopp delivers year after year. Their last album "The Inevitable End" marks the end of an era!

Shadow Child & Doorly - Piano Weapon

By the way...

2015 should be my year of releasing stuff...

Do you agree? What is your favorite original track of the year?

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