Instagram, Changing Peoples Lives One Account At a Time!

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Instagram is a great social media that helps us communicate with friends, family and loved ones throughout the world!! It helps us stay in touch with our friends, family and loved ones, like they're almost with us, and we get to know they're latest activities.  For ex: this girl is taking a selfie in the park, she's letting her friends and family know what she's doing (at the park).

A lot of people are saying that Instagram is the best thing that happend to photography because of something they call a filter. A filter is something to help change your photo from a boring colorless photo to a lively spectacular photo, by changing the lighting the colour and brightness. Photographers around the world are loving this so called filter. Even non photographers are using filters and you would think they're professional photographers but they're not!! So Instagram has been a great thing for photographers. Here's an ex:

Doesn't the 2nd picture look way better with the filter!!

Instagram has helped many businesses with  there new ideas to promote their business with free publicity and free advertising.  For example: Starbucks business has improved there sales with Instagram free advertising, they let there customers know there latest products and flavours. Here's there Instagram page, and as you can see they have many followers which bring more customers.

As you can see they show many of their latest products. It makes the client exited to buy and try the product. Instagram has helped many clothing lines such as Marc Jacobs by getting their customers involved with the business. He has sold alot more clothes because of his instagram. He also gets alot of feedback from his buyers from the comments on his pictures, so he improves his designs and makes his buyers happier so its a win for both of them. In resume instagram has helped many small or big businesses grow and improve they're product. Heres a link for a really good video on instagram

Also not only can you improve your communication with your family, friends as we'll as loved ones, but you can create/ make new friends off of Instagram.  You can also share and talk about a similar passion. For example if you like sports you could discuss various things on your teams fan page with other fellow fans, and talk about your teams nation, you never know you might just make your new best friend off of instagram!!!!!

Overall Instagram equals happiness to users around the world #happiness

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