Simple Layering
By: Tristen and Jenna

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Simple Layering: a plant propagation technique in which one portion of the stem, still attached to the plant buried.

Simple layering is a type of layering. Other examples of layering are tip layering, compound layering, mound layering, and air layering.

Woody plants such as honey suckle, rose, and hazelnut can be propagated by simple layering.

Supplies needed for simple layering are a sharp knife, a shovel, a wooden matchstick, hormone powder, a piece of wire, and a rock or brick.

Steps of simple layering:
Step 1: In Spring, select young, healthy, pliable shoot growing low on the plant to be layered. Loosen the soil where the shoot will be buried and work in a shovelful of compost.

Step 2: Dig a shallow hole in prepared area.

Step 3: With a sharp knife, make a cut where the shoot will touch the soil ;  cut halfway through the shoot, starting from the underside. Dust the cut with rooting hormone powder and insert a wooden matchstick to hold it open.

Step 4: lay the shoot in the hole and fasten it down with a piece of wire.

Step 5: Fill in the hole, firming soil around layer. A brick or rock can be placed on top to help hold the layer.

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