I had a great summer! In fact, it was probably the best one I've had yet. In mid-July, I went to Ocean City, Maryland for a week with my family and a friend. Then, just a few weeks later, my grandma took my cousins and I to an awesome theme park in Virginia called Busch Gardens. It's cool because each part of the park is themed based on a country in Europe (i.e. France, Germany, etc). When we were done in Virginia, we met up with my aunt and my mother and went to Gettysburg. We got to see a lot of the historical sites and we went on two ghost tours in which some paranormal things seemed to happen. I went to my first Pirates game-- they won! Lastly, I went to Washington DC and got to see the sites there, and then see One Direction in concert. I saw Miley Cyrus and Drake vs Lil Wayne as well.The travelling I did definitely made my summer excellent.

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