Me and my life.

by Serenity Mackin

One day me ,  Braenden   and dad went to circus circus.We got to go on all of the rides.Me and Braeden each got a present.I got a fan Braeden got candy. Another day me ,Braeden, mom and step dad  went to a river  that had chunks of ice.Another day  my mom made ice cream.The ice creams flaever was choklit.Another day me,Braeden,mom and step dad moved and we got new dogs one of the dogs are called Molly and the other Sabina.Another day  I went to school and the teacher liked my hair. Another day it was sad because my dog died his name was Zolltar.Zolltar was a good dog  but he will wait for me. Zolltar is still in my hart.Another  day I went to school again same o same o and I am  still sad that Zolltar but Zolltar is in a better home. Another day it was fun because I went to a  vallin times party. Another day with out Zolltar.Another day my mom thought she was going to have a baby but it died in my mom's  stumek it was the sadest  thing I ever saw.An day I was at home wen I herd that my great great grand po  has kanser.I was  very sad and skard and wereed about A him.I was screeming in my head ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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