New type of life

I always have been feeling so strange, those things take me to done bad things sometimes I will just like to get in the deep of the ocean and die. My parents dont know so many things that I have do bad. So much disgusting things that I wont do again.LOVE is one of them it makes me feel like a fish that is not welcome into the ocean I feel terrible for that. Girls are not like I thought they were they get worst and worst every time. Lov makes me get diferent, awful stupid.

I dont tell nothing of this either my friends or my parents. Sometimes I wish to get killed, but I know is not correct GOD wants me to get up and continue to change my past to live the present and to control my life. God is the only one who could help and he always do I am the one who mess all up .

Another thing is that I am not like how I was now i get more damage more sad diferent, I have not been the same in a bad and good ways. I have make friends some are how I expected but others like I dont like. My magic with love has not been the same I have been more stupid,arogant and stupid its so awful.

                                                                                  All change but jesus still the same