#Tunisia presentation - Country profile

Tunisia was once an important player in the Mediterranean, placed as it is in the center of North Africa, close to vital shipping routes.

This is the land of the caspians, the Berbers , the phenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans , the Byzantinians, the Aghlabites, the Fatimides, the Hafsids, the Otthomans, the Arabs... the Tunisians. This is the land of Didon, Amilcar, Hannibal,Heraclius,Ibn Khaldoun and Barbarossa tongue emoticon. This is the land of Jews, christians and Muslims. This is the land of the people who survived Carthage burning and conquerors of all civilizations and hord attacks but still preserved all aspects of its culture , from the Berber songs and customs to the late rap culture smile emoticon this is Tunisia, just come and visit and you will never forget it. Just keep calm smile emoticon

You are loved! Have a splendid weekend people.

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