German Shepherds
By: Mackenzie Black


German Shepherds all have their own personalities, properties, intelligence, etc. Those will depend on how they are treated and where they live on how they will act.


German Shepherds are small when they are first born, but usually when they turn 1 they’re about as tall as a 5 year old human. When they’re 2, they’re pretty much full grown so if they stand on their hind legs they are almost as tall as an adult human.

You may think of German Shepherds as brown and black with a little white for their fur, but there are more colors than that. For example, there is German Shepherds with solid white fur or solid black fur.


German Shepherds are very athletic, that’s one of the reasons they are used as police. They can run really fast (when they want to.) Also, if they practice, they can jump higher than most dogs. Finally, they are very strong. (If they want to be)

Also, another reason German Shepherds are police dogs is because they’re very smart. They can sense danger when it’s coming near them or their loved ones. Also, German Shepherds can smell drugs or other illegal stuff people are hiding.

Police Dogs

When German Shepherds are on duty they’re trained not to play around. They work very hard at practice or training so they will know what to do when they are actually doing it.

Even though they are police dogs they can still be like normal dogs. In their free time they might play fetch with their owner, they still rest and do other stuff regular dogs do. They can still act like puppies too.


Exercise is great for puppies like German Shepherds. They need a place to run around, be crazy, and have fun! Some German Shepherds may not fetch a ball or play frisbee but others do. Sometimes they’ll just want or run around your yard and that’s fine.

Also, most German Shepherds are playful and will love you to scratch their bellies, head, or even just pet them. Others may not which is still ok. They won’t be playful all the time. For example, when they are tired or grumpy. German Shepherds all have their own personalities and you just have to find your favorite. It will depend on how they were treated or played with when they were a puppy, on how they are when they are an adult.