world war 1

main causes

militarism-building up of military/navy in a large numbers.

alliances-agreement between countries to defend each other.

imperialism-stronger countries using influence over weaker countries.

nationalism-belief that your country is superior to other countries.

Spark of the War

The crisis began when archduke francis Ferdinand  of Austria-Hungary and his wife visit Sarajevo and as the car passed a conspirator named Gavrilo Princip seized his chance and fired twice into the car killing the archduke and his wife.

Leaders of Warring Countries


New Technology

rapid-fire machine gun,long-rang soldiers,poison gas,trench warfare,tanks,airplanes,and submarines.railways,war of attnition,air warfare,navel warfare,flamethower.

Outcome/Peace Treaty

the new greman government sought an armistice, or agreement to end fighting, with the allies.At 11 a.m. on november 11,1918,the great war at last came to an end.

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