Why was it a failure?

-The original plan to raid dieppe (operation Rutter) was not a bad one. They knew that the German defences where week and they where going to take them by suprise early in the morning. The original plan to raid dieppe consited of a flank assult, a heavy bombing raid/bombardement, and naval cover before the attack, paratroopers would land before hand and take out large guns along the coast and then tanks would sheppered the troops in. First the British generals said no flank assult and that they would just attack head on, and there would be no bobardement or air raid as fear of civillian deaths, and no naval cover because of the risk of ships being sunk by German aircraft. Also the beach was made of small stones so when the heavy tanks arrived on the beach they were suck and easyto hit, also the landscape made shotting the allies very easy and safe.

This video is a clip taken by soldiers of the acual raid of dieppe. In this video you can see the landscape and the cliffs and how the Germans could easily take out the advancing allied soldiers. Another allied struggle in this video is the tanks that got stuck in the pebel beach thus making them useless sitting targets. You can also see the lack of heavy gun fire from the allied side because of the ships not covering them. This video truly does show you the struggle that the allies went through when attemting to follow through with operation Rutter.

Athough the Dieppe raid of 1942 was a misrable failure and cost the lives of over a thousand soldiers, it is a moment in Canadian history that will forever be rembered. In this image we see the french public honouring the Canadian veterens that so bravely gave there lives just because of a Generals mistake. This sacrafice is still honoured and respected each august 19th when the french people gather to give the visiting Canadian vetrens all of their respect.