Olympics Games

By Enzo Cardozo

1. What are the Olympic Games?The Olympic Games are special ceremonies where men compete by playing games to honor Zeus. They were created by Greek people. The Olympics featured religious celebrations and artistic competitions.

2. Where and when did the Olympics Games take place?The first Olympic Games took place in the western part of the Peloponnese,which, according to Greek mythology is the ‘’Island of Pelops’’. Also according to historical records, the Olympics started in 766 B.C and they are celebrated every four years.

3. Why where the Olympic Games held?The Olympic Games were held because the Greek people dedicated them to the Olympian gods, who were staged on the ancient plains of Olympus. Also, they  created the Olympics to prove that they were better than any other civilization because Greeks were very competitive.

4. Which were some of the competitions that took place?Some of the competitions that took place in the Olympic Games were similar to those held today. Like running, jumping, throwing javelin, throwing a discus,bull jumping,etc.

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