This was my "Self Portrait" photo, and it was one of the very first photo challenges I did. To be honest, for this one, I merely took a selfie. :P

For "What Makes Me Smile", this was a 'Fairy Tail' poster at an Anime Convention in Boston. I chose this photo because whenever I watch Fairy Tail, or any anime, it makes me happy and, sometimes, even smile.

This was my Bold Colors photograph, and it was taken at the Met during our New York Trip. I originally took this picture because I greatly admired the glass work, but then I noticed that it had the Bold Colors that I required and, thus, became the ideal picture that I was looking for.

This was my dinner a few years back. Originally, I took this picture to post on Instagram, but I eventually found further use for it as one of the Photography Challenge pictures.

This picture was taken during my flight to San Francisco in November and also doubles as my picture taken from a High Angle. I chose this picture because, taken from a plane, you couldn't really take a picture higher than that...

This was my "From a Low Angle" picture, where I took a picture of my cat, Violet, under the table in my living room, and (with dark magic) made her a demon cat. ;-;

This was my "What I wore today" photo and I chose this because, not only does it show my usual 'sweatshirt and necklace' attire, but it also shows me with my younger sister at Logan Airport, waiting for our flight.

This was my Black and White photo, and I chose this because, as one of my favorite mangas and also black and white, I thought it fit, with one of my favorite characters as the main picture <3

This is one of my bookshelves, and also became the subject of my picture for "a mess". I chose this because, as you can see, I have random chargers, books, etc. all over the place!

This was my photo for the "Hands" photo. I chose this photo because I was, at the time, wearing one of my favorite character's cosplay gloves, so I found it appropriate. ^///////^

As the title implies, this is what I will miss at RMS. When I'm in High School, I'll always miss the New York Trip and remember how fun it was. I wish we could go again... ;-;

Although also a picture of a sunset, this was my "Ocean" picture. I took this picture because, not only was the sunset incredibly beautiful that evening, but the ocean was also a brilliant sapphire blue.

Although it doesn't look it, this was my picture of a sunset. It was taken the same night as my ocean picture, and I chose it because, originally, it was absolutely GORGEOUS.

This was my picture of the Night Sky and I took it on the bus on our way home from Aladdin. I chose this because, that night, the sky was incredibly beautiful...

For "My shoes", I took a picture of my absolute FAVORITE shoes and submitted it. My Dr. Martens are Cherry Red and I wear them whenever I go out, thus inspiring my desire to use them as my photo subject ;).

For "Something I Made", I chose this picture of a drawing that I made in my free time. This is one of my many drawings, but it is of my own design of a mental image.

Although this someone is not a real person, I love one of my favorite characters, Alucard, VERY dearly. I chose this drawing because it is one of my best drawings of him yet.

Although I didn't really see this exhibit as a child, it is more of a representation of my childhood. My parents, both of them having a PhD in Art History, took me to a LOT of museums as a child and, as such, this exhibit reminded me of it.

For my picture of "From a Distance", I chose a picture of the White Mountains that I took on a family trip to the White Mountains. It was beautiful there... ;-;

My final Photography Challenge picture was of "My Hero". My hero is Alucard from Hellsing, and for this picture, I took a picture of an image of him in my manga.

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