Middle School Teaching

Ashton Bowles

Being a middle school teacher requires many responsibilities and tasks. A teacher not only has to look out for themselves, but numerous students. Some tasks for middle school teachers include being able to plan, prepare, and deliver lesson plans for the students. It is also important for middle school teachers to create a fun and educational environment in the class

Work Environment

The vast majority of middle school teachers work in public and private schools. Most states make it where the teachers have some job security. In a teaching environment, many teachers are rewarded by students success. In some environments, there can be large or small classes, and lack of utensils such as computers or recent text books. traditionally, middle school teachers work for ten months, and have a two month summer break. Within the ten months, there are multiple breaks, like winter and spring break.

Education/ Training Require

To become a middle school teacher, a person must accomplish a bachelor’s degree or certificate after college. Some states require middle school teachers to major in contents such as science and math. Most people trying to become a teacher major in classes like child psychology and education. Teachers in private schools do not have to meet state requirements. To receive certification, teachers need to take part in student teaching.

Salary and Benefits

On average, a middle school teacher makes a salary of $52,940 per year. In the future, new job opportunities are extremely likely. Within the lowest ten percent, the earnings are around $36,740. The top ten percent can earn $82,190 or more. The employment of middle school teachers is expected to rise 12 percent every ten years. Teachers also get paid vacations.

Job Outlook

With the increased enrollment and student- teacher ratios, growth is expected. In the future more teachers will be needed to teach fewer students. A fringe benefit that comes with middle school teaching, is that the teachers receive pension payments according to a defined schedule on retirement.

Values and Abilities

An exceptional middle school teacher is someone that can take control of any situation. Teachers value structure and an organized environment. Any teacher should be able to talk in front of students and other teachers. Being social and verbalizing is a main part to teaching. All teachers should have the ability to remember steps and words to any lesson they are teaching. Along with memory, being able to pay attention and notice when there is a problem among students in the classroom, is another required ability. Middle school teachers also need to have the knowledge of any subject to help guide students with any questions that are presented.

Career Options

Many of the middle school teachers are in public schools. For the non-for-profit

workers, a career option would be social and community service managers. Social and

community service managers put together activities for community- based organizations.

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