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Steve Jobs: Modern Day Transcendentalists

Transcendentalists are people who never follow the "rules." They do what they want and never accept anything less. Transcendentalists usually have one or more of five simple qualities. The five qualities are Non-conformity, Self-Reliance, Free Thought, Confidence, and the Importance of Nature. Steve Jobs has at least three of these qualities.

Steve Jobs is a modern day transcendentalist. He is confident in himself and in the people surrounding him. He is a confident, creative thinker. Jobs designed and created the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad, and many other creative inventions. How did he create these things? He was confident throughout his whole life and consistently pushed himself to go farther, to never settle. Steve Jobs always said "don't settle." ("News"). It was a motto he lived by and encouraged others to do so as well.

The definition of non-conformity is "the failure to confirm to a prevailing rule or practice" ("Non-conformity"). Steve Jobs never followed the rules. He always did what he wanted and was successful because of it. He created things no one believed would work. He blew people's mind with his vision of the future and how he could live that vision through technology. His vision for technology was out of this world and futuristic. He was a non-conformist during his time and inspired many to also think outside of the box. Steve Jobs was a big non-conformist.

Jobs was fired from Apple, the industry he founded. How could anyone ever get over something like this? It seems unfathomable, but Steve Jobs managed. He began to think, he was a thinker. He created another computer company known as NeXT. NeXT was a computer company also. Not only did he discover one company, he discovered two. Pixar, a famous corporation known for making animated movies, was first founded by Steve Jobs. He discovered two industries that were made entirely by him. He was self-reliant and that made him even more accomplished in life. Although he was successful on his own, Apple was nothing without Jobs. He was Apple. His creative imagination brought many good ideas to Apple. Steve Jobs was self-reliant because he was still a very accomplished man, even without Apple. He could do things for himself, and he sure did.

Transcendentalists have qualities to themselves that only a few can live up to. Steve Jobs is one of those people.Confidence, non-conformity, and self-reliance make Steve Jobs a transcendentalist. Steve Jobs changed the world. He created one of the biggest companies in the world and forever changed technology. Because of Steve Jobs love and passion for technology, he gave others an opportunity to operate and
use what he loved to make. He forever changed the world we live in. Without his
ideas, other technology may not have been created. Steve Jobs is definitely a
transcendentalist. Steve Jobs was, and will always be confident, self-reliant,
and a non-conformist.

"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness" ("Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes"). -Ralph Waldo Emerson

That quote relates to Steve Jobs because he was all about doing what he loved and wanted to be happy before he died. Death was a big deal to him and he wanted to always be happy and make those around him happy, while also accomplishing things before he was gone. Steve Jobs once said "Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to me" (BrainyQuote). Steve Jobs tried to stay happy and he was happy when he was creating technology.

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