Enjoy Loads Of Health Benefits With Acupuncture Therapy

With all the side effects of allopathic medicine people constantly look for alternative ways of healing. North Virginia acupuncture solutions can prove to be ideal in this regard. This traditional Chinese medicinal technique is almost 3000 years old and its popularity is growing constantly. Efficacy and safety of this treatment is well documented for a wide variety of health conditions. However, its main application lies in relieving the various pain symptoms. It works through stimulation of anatomical specific sites and helps in improvement of body functions while promoting self-healing natural processes.

Most involve the use of sterile, fine needles inserted in the skin of the patient. It is possible to enhance the associated effects through further stimulation of electricity, heat or pressure. The therapists may use other methods as well to stimulate the acupoints or acupuncture points of the body and these are:

• Heat therapy/moxibustion

• Cupping

• Manual massages

• Liniment application

• Herbal topical medicines

Acupuncture affects the nervous, endocrine and the immune systems of the body besides the digestive and cardiovascular systems as well. Through stimulation, it helps to minimize the pain symptoms, improves digestion, sleep and makes you feel better than ever before. So what can you expect when you undergo this therapy?

Chinese medicine solutions in Bethesda MD constitute an elaborate process where the therapist will first examine the coating, texture and the color of the tongue. They will also feel the pulse and perform other physical exams depending upon individual requirements. Only after a thorough assessment, he/she will recommend effective treatment plans. Once you lie down comfortably upon the treatment table, the therapist inserts fine needles at different acupoints of the body. People undergoing the treatment report feeling almost no or minimal pain sensation during needle insertion.

The needles on an average remain in place for a 30 min stretch to it and here is the time you will feel relaxed and completely soothed. So how many sessions of acupuncture do you require? Number of sessions and the frequency of the treatment depend upon the individual and ailments they suffer from. Sometimes a single treatment can bring about significant differences in health and well-being and in others 1-2 sessions on a weekly basis continuing for many months is recommended. Whatever it is, your therapist is the best judge of your requirement.

Acupuncture is known to help in a wide variety of health issues including musculoskeletal problems like neck pain or back pain. It also aids in treating migraine, nausea, infertility, insomnia, anxiety, vascular dementia, premenstrual syndrome, drug abuse, osteoarthritis and depression. Besides, you can also contact an experienced professional for treatment of hypo or hypertension, depression, dysentery, allergy rhinitis, labor induction, facial pain, stroke and post-operative pain. In order to get the best associated benefits of this therapeutic treatment, it is important that you contact registered and licensed practitioners in your locality.

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