Taylor D,  Jurni S, Kennedy B    7period       3-25-15

New Horizon

The main goal of the New Horizon was to discover and learn more about Pluto. this was an unmanned mission. Bonnie Burreti was the head of this mission. Some of the technology is the  32-bit mongoose V processor. this mission occurred April 4,2013. After more than 9 years in space New Horizon is closer to Pluto than ever. New Horizon is closer to Pluto than the Earth is to the Sun.

Mark Showalter was also a member of this mission. New Horizon spies Pluto's tiny moon Hydra.

It took 9.5 years to get to Pluto just to start the mission.  So the New Horizon had to be built to last a lifetime. 

The New Horizon did a fly by of Jupiter and captured pictures.  This one is of Jupiter's moons and a storm.

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