What are Elephants?

I'm sure that you know what elephants are, big grey animals with a trunk, but do you know that they can get sunburn? They have to protect themselves by being covered in sand. Here are some other facts you probably will not know.

My 12 Facts

1. Elephants are the largest land animals in the world.

2. Elephants can live to be over 70 years old.

3. They are the only mammal that can not jump.

4. They have a highly developed brain.

5. An elephant's skin is a inch thick.

Some more facts

6. They have poor eyesight but a great sense of smell.

7. Elephants purr like cats.

8. The elephant's trunk has more than 40,000 muscles in it.

9. Elephants have greeting ceremonies when a friend that has been away for some time returns to the group.

And lastly...

10. An elephant can use its tusks to dig for ground water. An adult elephant needs to drink around 210 litres of water a day.

11. There are two types of elephants, Asian and African.

12. Female elephants are called cows. They start to have calves when they are about 12 years old and they are pregnant for 22 months.

By Jubilee