george calvert

anthony mendez

George Calvert was the first lord Baltimore. He lived from 1580 to 1632. George Calvert was the first to want a colony in America where Catholics and protestant could be together. George Calvert was born In Yorkshire England and studied at Trinity College at oxford and it was a excellent education. His parents were Leonard and Alicia Calvert. His dad owned a small estate. George Calvert was recognized as a founder and a patron of the Maryland colony. George Calvert was interested in colonization. He was a member of the English. He worked for James he was hired to be his secretary. George loved being a secretary. In 1603 he undertook work for Sir Robert that had to travel through 1604m he married. In 1620 he sponsored a small colony at Ferryland in his Province of Avalon, Newfoundland. In 1625 George Calvert was conferred with the title of Baron of Baltimore and became known as Lord Baltimore

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