shortage is a disparity between the amount demanded for a product or service and the amount supplied in a market.Specifically Shortages occur when producers will not or cannot offer goods or services at current prices(short or long-term).

Water shortage

  • 70% earth is water
    • Less than 1% can be used
    • All has to be used for agricultural, domestic, commercial, industrial, and environmental
    • family of four can use approximately 400 gallons of water every day
    • California is about to be in its fourth year in a drought
  • Gas shortages

    -world have just 53.3 years of gas left

    -Gas when from 90 cent per gallon in 1990, now more than $3.75 per gallon

    -Norway has the world's most expensive gasoline, at $9.79 per gallon

    -Venezuela having the cheapest gas in the world at just $0.12 USD


    -About 32,000 pints(4000 gallons) of blood are used each day in the United states

    -around every two seconds some in the US needs blood

    - on average one out of every ten people that enters a hospital needs blood

    -In some cases, some patients are forced to pass up lifesaving organs only because they don't have compatible blood to complete the transplant

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