All about Thomas Jefferson


Hi there.My name is Thomas Jefferson.I was born on April 13,1743 in Albemarle Country,Virginia.I was born to a wealthy family on a large plantation.I began school at the age of 9 by studying Latin and Greek.I then started studying literature and mathematics.

After that,I decided to attend college in Williamsburg.After 3 years of college,I wanted to study law.Since there were no law schools,I decided to study law under George Wythe,who happened to be one of the preeminent lawyers of the colonies.After many heated events from the colonies towards the British and vice versa,I was chosen to write the Declaration of Independence.It took me 17 days to write this powerful collection of testaments.After that,I returned to my estate in Virginia where I continued with politics.I had the claims of the Governor of Virginia,Secretary of State,and Vice President.I also happened to be the 3rd president of the United States.

I was elected President in 1801 and continued my service until 1809.I lowered the national debt from $80 million to $57 million.I also was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.I bargained $15 million for this land.It doubled the size of the nation and I then helped with the Lewis ans Clark expedition.I then returned to my estate,spending my days studying music,astronomy,architect,law,and reading my huge collection of books.I also like to improve my estate,the Monticello.Some people claim that I died on July 4,1826,but what do they know?I'm still here! ;)


1. Who did Thomas Jefferson study law under?

2.What was the name of Jefferson's estate?

3.When was Jefferson born?

4.How much did Jefferson bargainfor Louisiana?

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