Pi not Pie

Presentation by: Eric Ortega

This is Pie no doubt about it but I am going to talk about Pi which is different to find you have to use a circle so Pie its self is really just a circle that is delicious and to find the volume of it we use Pi so it basically infinite Pie and Pi.

Origins of Pi

This guy is the famous William Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the man who invented Pi and one day Jones realised that the decimal 3.141592 … never ends and that it cannot be expressed perfectly. Which goes back to the infinite thing it keeps on going and never ends.

Why the Pi Symbol

They choose this because it is believed it was William Jones who choose it because pi is the first letter of the Greek word for periphery which is a big old word that is spelled like this in Greek περιϕέρεια. Did you see the π ehhhh ehhhh ehhhh if you didn't see π its right here.     ^


My imput on Pi

As you can see Pi is a very long number that is used for circles but it is really confusing. I thought about it and saw so research that Pi is getting more useful for stuff and Pie is staying the same!!!!! That is not normal I think that they have stared to change the reality of it. Have you ever heard of "as American as Apple pie". See exactly you don't know it because the math people don't want you to know that. They are changing the world by making it all math without the fun and this infinite number is possibly impossible to comprehend and to have this number it would tear you within so that may be why society is fighting back. They use now the number 3.14 but they are suddenly wanting to use it more and more and that is suspiciously strange. Think about it  I showed a video at the begging it was a pie were you hungry during the video. That is because you still love it now don't grow up not eating pie.                                                                                                Public Anoucment to

                                                                                              the World: Eric Foundation of Eric Thank you for the time.             

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