Paula Poe Is An Amazingly Creative Jewelry Designer

Paula Poe is an incredibly creative and talented jewelry designer residing in Paris. She started off in various facets of the fashion world: running a fashion boutique, working as a model and now running a jewelry store. She discovered her talent of jewelry designing from the Art Déco and Parisian inspirations. focus on the importance of jewellery's many functions – physical, symbolic, and conceptual. Her designing approach is towards metalwork that mixes utilitarian chic with the natural world. She specializes in creating celebrity-driven kind of jewelry.

After doing graduation in Bachelors in Art and Design from a reputed university, Paula Poe worked as an assistant designer with a famous jewelry designer in London. She began with her drawings, which are made up of lots of tiny dots and repetitive patterns. She got obsessed with creating a texture in pen or water color and then wanted to do in the metal. The idea to create jewelry stemmed from a desire to find pieces that suited her style. She takes inspiration from geometric shapes, architectural lines, and structures.

From neo-earrings, to pearls, diamonds and gold, Paula Poe is interested in making bold, minimalist jewelry. Her jewelry line reflects the abundant allure and infinite variety of the oceans, the desert and other wonders. Her immensely creative work expresses a rare artistic expression that is at once raw and refined, contemporary and explicitly classic. Designing and creating jewelry became her passion at the mid of her teenage. Four to five times in a year, Paula releases a collection of 20 to 30 new pieces, in addition to exclusive and capsule collections. She shares her design inspirations and Summer musings. Bangles, chains, hollowed circles, oversize loops in shiny 14 carat yellow, white, and rose gold are some of the exclusive pieces of her collection.

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