Mrs. Rice's Cupcakes

The 3 Resources: Human, Natural, and Capital Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources are the people that have the appropriate types of skills that can either help in the production of a product or help with the service.  For example, in my bakery I would need to have bakers, a cashier, and a decorator to help create cupcakes and keep the store open.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources are resources that come naturally from the earth.  These items would include water, soil, and the air.  For my bakery I would need flour, water, and sugar to bake with.  These would be considered natural resources.

Capital Resources

Capital resources are things you need that can help with the production and transportation of your good or service.  These items may include the machinery used to create the good or the items within your business to help give a service.  This is typically the resource that is most frequent.  For my bakery I would need  mixers, ovens, sinks, mixing bowls, a cash register, tables, chairs, a display case, napkins, and plates.  

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