Nabil Faltas

Global Finance Leader with the World Bank Group

About Nabil Faltas

A graduate of the University of California Berkeley and Harvard University, the late Nabil Faltas lived and worked in countries around the world, spearheading finance projects throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. He began his distinguished finance career as an official with the World Bank, where he started as a World Bank Young Professional. He spent more than two decades analyzing investments in Colombia’s agricultural sector. During his time with the World Bank, Nabil Faltas supervised the institution’s first world population project and managed loan programs for African mining projects.

After more than two decades with the World Bank, Nabil Faltas joined the International Finance Corporation, a World Bank Group subsidiary, as a senior investment officer for the Europe Investment Department. In this role, he oversaw a complex $150 million syndicated bond project in Turkey while handling investment and loan activities in the industrial sector. Mr. Faltas went on to hold numerous leadership roles with the International Finance Corporation, eventually becoming the organization’s chief of special operations.

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