Floods can injure people when the fast moving water  .

How it is Form?

Floods damages cities and it can kill and injure people.  

Floods can be due to snow and rain

High and low temperature for a flood are between 43 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit

Historical Example

The hurricane Katrina was in 2005 was in the coastline of the natural disaster. The flood can damage cars, building, kill and injurer people when their is a flood coming your way for a example Wisconsin there was a flood a lot of building, car, homes and kill and injure a lot of people.

1935 Labor Day Hurricane when it damage the town when it got damage the money was 6 million dollars ( in 1935 USD)  the flood of the The Labor Day hurricane  as a storm surge of approximately 18 to 20 feet (5.5-6 meters) swept over the low-lying islands. hurricane is to s flood that can damage a town.

Impact on Human Life

You need to stay on top of the house but you do need a rain jacket if it is raining, a water bottle, an emergency kit if you or your kid gets hurt, you need to planed ahead so if their is a flood coming your way you need to get ready for the flood.


A flood is when a wall breaks and there is a lot of water coming down. The wall can't hold the water in, so the water comes out.

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