Nadia Bedricky

Supply Management and Marketing Professional

An alumna of Bowling Green State University, Nadia Bedricky majored in purchasing and supply chain management and minored in Russian, spending a year studying abroad at St. Petersburg University in Russia. She attended college on a full athletic scholarship and played on the school’s division one volleyball team. Additionally, Nadia Bedricky engaged with the school’s sporting community as a student assistant in the sporting department. In this position, she was responsible for supervising sporting events and coordinating with both media and game operations.

Graduating in 2004, Nadia Bedricky started her career serving as an intern at Nationwide Insurance working in the supply chain management and procurement department. She went on to serve as a merchandising and inventory analyst at Ace Hardware in Oakbrook, Illinois. In 2005, she began working for PEPSICO as a senior account specialist for the east coast region. In 2008, she was promoted to a training role helping other supply chain professionals and businesses deploy cutting-edge just-in-time inventory management systems. She went on to serve as a business model tuner in the Quaker Tropicana Gatorade division helping to adjust forecasts, supply, and inventory models to customers’ needs.

In 2011, Nadia Bedricky began serving as a media and communications support professional for the Arena Football League in Chicago, where she wrote and produced promotional content for the league. She went on to serve as a brand ambassador and team lead for Arena Football for PromoGroup/Net10 Division.

Improving Your Tennis Game

For more than a decade Nadia Bedricky has been perfecting her skills in relationship-building and management, marketing, and public relations. A former brand ambassador for PromoGroup/Net 10 Division, she was responsible for answering service questions and acting as the personality of the brand. In her free time, Nadia Bedricky is an avid tennis player and hopes to improve her skill at the sport, as many players do. Here are some tips that can lead to a better game.

- Use a single pattern: Many beginning tennis players use different shots throughout a game. Unfortunately, this variation often reduces their overall success. Instead of relying on multiple patterns of play, settle on just one or two. These patterns revolve around the strongest shots and ensure a more consistent game.

- Focus on footwork: Practicing shots is important, but everything a tennis player learns comes crashing down with bad footwork. Instead of focusing on hitting the ball, make sure your feet are in the right position for the shot. It’s also a good idea to complete some footwork drills to increase the efficiency of movement.

- Play with better opponents: This is one of the easiest ways of improving your tennis game, yet it’s often overlooked. By taking on stronger players, you are forced to get better. In a game situation, you practice at a higher level, without overthinking all of your movements and shots.

The Primary Types of Serves in Tennis

The recipient of a bachelor of science in purchasing and supply chain management from Bowling Green State University, Nadia Bedricky is a former brand ambassador for Arena Football League. Also former pro beach volleyball player, Nadia Bedricky now plays tennis in her free time.

Every point in tennis begins with a serve, in which a player tosses the ball into the air and hits it to the opposite side of the court. There are three main types of serves, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Because players receive two opportunities to serve the ball without fault, most choose to start with a flat serve. There is generally no spin behind a flat serve, allowing the server to strike the ball with a lot of speed, which gives her opponent little time to react.

Should the player miss the box using a flat serve on the first attempt, it's likely she will use a kick serve on the second attempt. The kick serve is a safer option and one in which the ball is primarily guided by a large amount of topspin as a result of the player snapping her wrist upon making contact. The slice serve is another effective option, especially if hit into the opposing player's body. The goal is to hit the outer edge of the ball to produce a spinning effect that allows the ball to bounce in the direction of the spin upon first impact with the court.

Visiting Belgrade

Nadia Bedricky currently serves PromoGroup/Net10 Division in Chicago as a brand ambassador and team lead, focusing on Arena Football League and NASCAR. Born overseas, Nadia Bedricky is an avid traveler who enjoys experiencing new cultures and languages.

With so many exciting destinations around the world, many travelers have a hard time figuring out where to visit next. Travel + Leisure Magazine compiled 50 of the top destinations, including Belgrade, Serbia, highlighting the eastern European city’s food and especially the growing craft beer scene.

Belgrade offers more than just culinary delights. One of the favorite tourist attractions is Kalemegdan Citadel, an ancient structure that has seen more than 115 battles. The fort still stands due to reconstructions over the year and is well worth a visit. History buffs will also enjoy a visit to the Museum of Yugoslav History, which takes a complicated past and makes it more accessible. Those with an interest in communism, and even those without, might also take a visit to Marsal Tito’s grave, which is found in a giant, beautiful mausoleum surrounded by peaceful greenery.

Three Tips for Newcomers to Beach Volleyball

Nadia Bedricky, a marketing and communications professional, has in-depth knowledge of public relations and project management. In her leisure time, Nadia Bedricky enjoys playing tennis. Moreover, she previously played beach volleyball professionally.

A popular game on sunny beaches across the world, beach volleyball takes a bit of time to master. Below are three tips to bring newcomers to the game up to speed.

1. Use all three hits: One player begins by serving the ball over the net, at which point the other team has three hits to get the ball back over the net. Beginners may feel tempted to return the ball as soon as possible, but more experienced teams tend to use the three hits to set up a better return shot. Be patient, and do not hesitate to pass the ball to your teammate.

2. Give all positions a try: In beach volleyball, it is important to develop solid skills in blocking, digging, and hitting. To improve your skills, rotate around the court. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

3. Use your toes for traction: If you use heavy steps with flat feet, you will be unable to move quickly. Instead, dig your feet into the sand and take small, quick steps. This will enable you to maintain your lightness on the sand and react with minimal delay.