Nadia Cavner

Nadia Cavner's Many Honors Show She Is at the Top of Her Field

Nadia Cavner, president of the Nadia Cavner Group, is a prominent financial services professional who is responsible for managing nearly $500 million in client assets. For the past decade, her work has consistently earned her recognition from top industry organizations, including being honored by U.S. Banker as one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking.

In 2011 and again in 2012, Cavner was recognized as one of Barron’s Top 1000 Financial Advisors nationwide. As a woman at the top of her field, Barron’s also named her to its list of the Top 100 Women Financial Advisors for five consecutive years. For two years running, Cavner has the distinction of being named among the Top 15 Financial Advisors for the State of Missouri, ranking as the top female professional in the state. In addition, Franklin Templeton Investments has ranked her #1 worldwide in the Banking Division for nine straight years.

Cavner devotes a significant amount of time to charity work and sits on the board of trustees for the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks. Her other accomplishments include serving on the 2008-2009 transition team for Missouri Governor-elect Jay Nixon.

The American Heart Association Prepares for 2014 Stroke Conference

Recognized by Barron’s as one of the leading investment advisors in the country, Nadia Cavner currently serves as president of the Nadia Cavner Group, a consulting firm based in Springfield, Missouri. Beyond her commitment to her clients, Ms. Cavner remains equally committed to her philanthropic pursuits. She actively supports a number of organizations including The Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that provides food, housing, and other services to people in need, and the American Heart Association, which recognized Ms. Cavner as Missourian of the Year.

The American Heart Association is preparing to host its 2014 International Stroke Conference, which is scheduled to be held Feb. 12-14, 2014 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Recognized as the largest gathering in the world for medical professionals who specialize in cerebrovascular conditions, the 2014 conference will explore the various options available for prevention and treatment of stroke. Topics to be discussed include pediatric stroke, preventive strategies, and the process of rehabilitation and recovery.

Established in 1924, the American Heart Association is the oldest and largest association in the country dedicated to the elimination of stroke and cardiovascular conditions. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the organization boasts nearly 2,700 employees and 144 offices nationwide.

Three Areas of Effective Financial Advising

Nadia Cavner, founder and president of the Nadia Cavner Group, is a financial expert who spent five consecutive years on Barron’s list of the nation’s top 100 female financial advisors. She has spent the last decade ranked #1 in Franklin Templeton Investments’ banking division.

Financial advisors are responsible for allocating their client’s funds into accounts and investments that will yield immediate, mid-, and long-term financial success. There are three main areas of financial advising in which an effective advisor assists clients.

The first type of advising is traditional financial planning, which involves setting up basic investments. An example of this would be helping parents plan college funding for their children while also outlining a retirement plan. The goal of this type of financial advice is to position an individual or family's finances so that they will be able to achieve their long-term goals.

A second type of financial advising is typically utilized by older or wealthier clients, who often solicit more specific goal-oriented services. Retirement plans become clearer and advisors work with more concrete numbers. Advisors help these clients with monthly saving and spending targets while monitoring the growth of investments and other assets.

Thirdly, advisors can work in a more speculative capacity, which relies largely on the advisor’s skill in risk management. While higher income clients more frequently seek out these riskier investments with the potential for significant payouts, all financial advisors must do their due diligence in assessing risk in their clients' portfolios, no matter their net worth.

Resources for Finding Local Charities

Nadia Cavner, the president of the Nadia Cavner Group in Springfield, Missouri, has earned a reputation as a philanthropist. Currently, she serves as a board member of local nonprofit The Kitchen Inc. and as a trustee of the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks.

Giving back to your community through local charity work is a highly rewarding experience. However, finding local charitable organizations to support can be difficult. Luckily, there are a number of online databases that make the search easy.

At the My Local Charities website, for example, individuals can enter their zip code and immediately receive a list of local organizations’ contact information. Users can also use the site to search for businesses that work with local charities. On the Local Independent Charities of America (LIC) website, people can search for local charities alphabetically, by category, by keyword, or by state.

How Does Our Promise Help Students?

As a member of the Missouri State University community, Nadia Cavner has given her time and support to several organizations affiliated with the school, helping to bolster the strength of the university as a whole. One organization Nadia Cavner is part of is the Our Promise Campaign, which seeks to help students, faculty, and the community at large get the most out of their association with the school by fulfilling the organization's promises.

One of the groups the Our Promise Campaign most strongly focuses on is students. Through Our Promise, the university advances its commitment to provide each student with a quality education through scholarships designed help talented students who might have trouble paying for tuition. As student populations become larger and more options become available, students have more and more options for their educational achievements. Thus, the Our Promise scholarships also help the university remain competitive as a school. Donations to Our Promise help the university attract strong students, and help those students achieve their dreams without going into extensive debt.

International Campaign for Tibet Advocates for Imprisoned Tibetans

Seasoned financial professional Nadia Cavner has received widespread recognition for her work, including nine consecutive years as one of Barron’s top financial advisors. In addition to her role as the president of the Nadia Cavner Group, she volunteers her time and expertise with a number of local and international charities and organizations. Among her endeavors, she assists the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) in its mission to promote human rights and democratic freedoms.

Empowered by the vision of the Dalai Lama, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the International Campaign for Tibet advocates for Tibetans who have been incarcerated for their political views or religious beliefs. Since 1988, the ICT has worked with governments and other nonprofit organizations to develop policies and programs to support the Tibetan people and brought global attention to China’s repressive authority.

The ICT has identified numerous individuals who have been falsely accused or jailed for peaceful protest and political dissent. Many of these prisoners have been beaten severely, held in isolation cells, and tortured. Despite these grim conditions, the ICT website at illustrates numerous success stories in which the organization intervened and gained the release of these prisoners. When possible, the ICT arranges for these individuals to settle in the United States and helps them reestablish their lives.

Missouri State University Makes Progress on New Construction Projects

President of the Nadia Cavner Group Nadia Cavner has been ranked by Barron’s as one of the country’s leading financial minds since 2004. In her spare time, she contributes to a variety of organizations involved with Missouri State University.

Missouri State University plans are right on track with construction of a new athletic facility, according to the most recent report. Doug Sampson, lead architect on the project, has stated that construction is both on-time and on-budget. Workers are currently in the process of building a 4,000-square-foot grand stand, after which they will focus their attention on moving the football field itself in order to give audiences a more intimate viewing experience during games.

The football field is just one of four joint efforts to overhaul the university’s athletic facilities. Construction is also underway and on-schedule for the new running track and soccer field, while the lacrosse and hockey fields should be completed before the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

American Bible Society Collaborates with Bible Society of Brazil

Nadia Cavner is a nationally recognized financial professional who currently serves as president of the Nadia Cavner Group. She is well known for her charity work with organizations such as the American Bible Society (ABS).

Nearly 1.5 million Portuguese-speaking Brazilians presently make their homes in the United States. Unfortunately, until recently, this population had access to just 30,000 Brazilian Portuguese Bibles. Due to the scarcity of these books, many sold for prices as high as $50 each. The Bible Society of Brazil recognized this issue and contacted the ABS. Together, the two national Bible societies worked toward making Brazilian Portuguese Bibles readily available to American citizens.

This collaboration hardly marks the first time the ABS has worked at making Bibles easier to access for non-English readers. In the past, the group printed 10,000 Assyrian Modern Language Bibles. The Bibles were delivered to the Assyrian Church of the East (ACOE). Additional copies have been sent to locations in Canada, Sweden, Western Asia, and Australia.

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